The Millennium Prophecy



My book, The Millennium Prophecy, got its start back in the early 1970’s when I noticed the promises of special blessing in the first and last chapters of The Revelation (1:3 and 22:7). They were unusual. In fact, The Revelation is the only book in the Bible that begins and ends with these unusual promises of blessing for those who will “read and heed” the book. The idea that a special blessing was ready and waiting for the one who would read and heed The Revelation was something I found particularly attractive but I cannot really tell you why. No doubt the Lord had something to do with it but who can say just what He really was doing. I don’t know.

To get a better understanding of The Revelation I started reading it repetitiously. I would usually start with Chapter 1 and read through to Chapter 22. Sometimes I would start with Chapter 22 and read it backwards to Chapter 1… although not very often. Initially the reading part of the exercise was a bit dull. Actually, it was a LOT dull. After months of study effort, the blessing part of the deal felt like unattainable dream that I would never receive and I was about to give up on my search for it.

Then about six or seven months into the study process my first intrusive insight arrived… about how a human politician would become the Anti-Christ. As I continued with the reading effort, more insights came through. For about two years I continued almost exclusively reading only The Revelation. Then I branched out to other books of scripture looking for anything that might expand on what The Revelation had to say… anything that would round out the picture. When scripture comments on other scripture, you generally get your best understanding. Fortunately there was plenty of material from various books in the Old and the New Testament that filled out The Revelation prophecy picture much more precisely. It was like solving a verbal puzzle. But in order to fill out The Revelation puzzle, I had to get puzzle pieces from other puzzle boxes to complete the picture. The Revelation puzzle box did not have all the pieces that were needed. It made a great framework but it had a lot of gaps… missing pieces. The process can be very tedious but that’s what you have to do.

The Pieces Begin to Come Together

The Wormwood science was the last set of major puzzle pieces I needed to complete The Revelation picture. Dr. Jaysen Rand’s book released in 2007, The Return of Planet X, filled in a major blank spot. (See for more information.) It was the only explanation that aligned with the two separate sets of judgment events described in Revelation Chapter 8 and Chapter 16. He agreed to allow me to use his information to explain The Revelation judgments more accurately. Then in March and April, 2009, I was able to advance the Wormwood science effort a couple more conceptual notches with some basic solar mechanics.

At the moment it looks like The Millennium Prophecy is the most accurate interpretation of The Revelation and of the Wormwood science available anywhere. For the record, that’s not an ego issue. It’s an information issue. Thus far The Revelation seems to be unfolding in real time… becoming part of Earth history… as I have described it for you. The judgment events of The Revelation will be very destructive. A lot of people are going to die. That is the sad reality. By reading these interpretive materials you have a much better chance of surviving if you prepare in advance accordingly. Again, your life and quite possibly your very soul will depend on it. I cannot admonish you strongly enough to read these materials and heed the warnings by following up with real advanced preparation. Dying from ignorance makes no sense if you can avoid it. The Designer of the Universe has opened the doors of information to us and we can benefit by His foresight. By all means, take advantage of His prophecy information. You’ll be glad you did.

Outside Help

I do want to give credit for the artwork and the website construction developed by my sons, Nathan and Jason. Their math, art and computer coding ability made the Wormwood science and this website happen. I found out early in life that art ability was something that I did not have but when all five of my children ended up with the ability to draw, paint, do photography, full motion video, computer graphic conceptual art or whatever, I realized that it was indeed possible for a genetic trait to skip a generation. There was the nagging question as to just why artistic ability had to skip my generation… well… me personally… but there it was. So I stumbled along with a drafting machine while they could render things free hand. Nathan’s computer graphic representations of the Wormwood orbit pattern and node rings are just stunning when you consider the physics behind them. How he can capture so much visual information in a single picture that really does take me over a thousand words to describe is amazing to me. We started the process with some initial simple concepts but in short order he picked up on the design trend and really advanced the cause way beyond what I had described. Maybe the fact that he writes pipeline code for the movie industry has something to do with it.

Jason’s math and coding ability definitely make him better suited to website construction than his Dad. As a high school kid he was coaching college students in calculus. Math ability was another one of those traits that skipped a generation… well… at least in my own case. Some day I’m going to ask God why He was so stingy with me when He could be so generous in handing out abilities to my very own kids. That might be an interesting conversation. Anyway, Nate and Jas, thanks for the help. It’s nice to know that those special abilities where there floating around inside your heads and your hands when we needed those talents for these project efforts. If our combined creative efforts can save some lives, that’s got to be worth something. May God bless our combined efforts for time and for eternity.