The Millennium Prophecy


The Millennium Prophecy

The Millennium Prophecy explains how The Revelation events will unfold in real time to become part of Earth history.  The Revelation refers to itself as a “prophecy”.  To qualify as a “prophecy” there comes a time when it must actually “happen”… it must “come true”.  The Revelation is an event list for the “end times”, for the seven year period called the Tribulation, for the Millennial Kingdom and for the New Heaven and the New Earth. When properly understood you will find that The Revelation maps an outline of these periods of time.  We are in the “end times” now.  The correspondence between the prophecy and the unfolding of real time events is uncanny.  The Designer of the Universe knew before the time even arrived what would happen.  The list He gave is unfolding now.  You need to know what kinds of events are foretold and to prepare accordingly.  The ride here on Planet Earth is about to get very rough.  Very few people will survive.  If you want to be one of them you need to know what you will be facing and how to get ready for it.  Without advanced knowledge of the coming events, you chances of survival are very slim.  It’s not hard to understand The Revelation but you do have to take the time to read The Millennium Prophecy and make the necessary preparations.  It doesn’t read like an action novel but it does help you to face the coming judgments.  Ready or not, they are headed this way.

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