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The Wormwood Clock

As long as our solar system remains in its current configuration, the catastrophism of the Wormwood brown dwarf star will keep redefining Earth history periodically along with whatever version of civilization that happens to exist on Planet Earth during each perihelion visit.  But that means that it can also function as a clock to define the possible destruction points of prior civilizations in Earth history.

Using a Wormwood periodicity (epoch) of 3657 years (current best non-classified estimate), the most recent prior visit would place it at 1645 BC during the time of the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt… assuming a 2012 inbound reappearance.  While the 1645 BC date is not favored by the academic community it does harmonize with the accounts of Josephus and Manetho (competitor historians during the time of Christ).   If it doesn’t become visible in the northern hemisphere until 2014 or 2017 (or when ever), then adjust the dates accordingly.  It should become visible when it is about one Jovian orbital radius from the Sun… approximately.  The closer it gets to the Sun (from the point of plasma induced “visibility”), the more brightly its atmosphere will glow and the longer its “comet style” tail will get.  It is not a “comet” in the ordinary “comet sense” of the term.  However, it will have a capacitive charge reaction with the solar wind just like comets do… only MUCH BIGGER.  And its “tail” will be the largest, longest (millions of miles long) and brightest solar wind tail of any object seen in our solar system for the last 3650 years.

So… going back in time using the Earth orbit inbound proximity estimate (2012/2014/2017 closest proximity to Earth’s June or July orbital position prior to solar perihelion)… (ex: 2012 - 3657 =  - 1645 or 1645 BC… BCE):

Ref:   2012         2014           2017

1.)     1,645   /     1,643    /    1,640   BC (Exodus… re: Josephus and Manetho)

2.)     5,302   /     5,300    /    5,297   BC (flood of Noah)**** <== (major civilization destruction)

3.)     8,959   /     8,957    /    8,954   BC (Atlantis civilization… remnants?)

4.)   12,616   /   12,614    /  12,611   BC (Ice Age ends… sea levels are now 400 feet higher)

5.)   16,273   /   16,271   /   12,271   BC (Atlantis)

6.)   19,930   /   19,928   /   19,925   BC (Atlantis)**** <==

8.)   23,587   /   23,585   /   23,582   BC (Atlantis)

9.)   28,244   /   28,242   /   28,239   BC (pre-Atlantis/Lemuria?)

10.) 30,901   /   30,899   /   30,896   BC (?)

11.) 34,558   /   34,556   /   34,553   BC (?)**** <==

12.) 38,215   /   38,213   /   38,210   BC (?)

13.) 41,872   /   41,870   /   41,867   BC (?)

14.) 45,529   /   45,527   /   45,524   BC (?)

15.) 49,186   /   49,184   /   49,181   BC (Kronos?)**** <==  

16.) 52,843   /   52,841   /   52,838   BC (?)

17.) 56,500   /   56,498   /   56,495   BC (?)

18.) 60,157   /   60,155   /   60,152  BC (?)

19.) 63,814   /   63,812   /   63,809  BC (?)**** <==

And so on… just keep adding 3657 to reach back farther and farther into the past.   If the really bad Wormwood affects happened only every 4th perihelion trip then the starred **** <== visits are the major destruction events with the other perihelion visits being less severe (significant parts of the prior civilization survived the disruption-assault).

This means that we should align our views of history and our lack of long term history here on Earth with the disruptions of Wormwood.  Here is an interesting alignment of this information with the Genesis account of Adam’s genetic line.  It’s very “illuminating” when you look at the periodicity of civilization this way.  Suddenly the numerous “lost civilizations” begin to make more sense and archeology is not at cross purposes with the Bible accounts.  They fit nicely.

Genesis 5:3 ¶ When Adam had lived one hundred and thirty years, he became the father of a son in his own likeness, according to his image, and named him Seth.  <==

Adam marks the beginning of a new genetic/DNA/bloodline on Planet Earth… not the beginning of Planet Earth civilization(s) per se.  In other words, God “arranged” the appearance of a new genetic line of human beings 1656 years (6958 BC) before the destruction of the Great Flood (5302 BC) of Noah’s era.  He also arranged that the survivors of the Great Flood were members of this new genetic (Adamic) line but the satanically polluted bloodlines of the Nephilim from the prior civilization were wiped out.

5:4 Then the days of Adam after he became the father of Seth were eight hundred years, and he had other sons and daughters.

5:5 So all the days that Adam lived were nine hundred and thirty years, and he died.

5:6 ¶ Seth lived one hundred and five years, and became the father of Enosh.

5:7 Then Seth lived eight hundred and seven years after he became the father of Enosh, and he had other sons and daughters.

5:8 So all the days of Seth were nine hundred and twelve years, and he died.

5:9 ¶ Enosh lived ninety years, and became the father of Kenan.

5:10 Then Enosh lived eight hundred and fifteen years after he became the father of Kenan, and he had other sons and daughters.

5:11 So all the days of Enosh were nine hundred and five years, and he died.

5:12 ¶ Kenan lived seventy years, and became the father of Mahalalel.

5:13 Then Kenan lived eight hundred and forty years after he became the father of Mahalalel, and he had other sons and daughters.

5:14 So all the days of Kenan were nine hundred and ten years, and he died.

5:15 ¶ Mahalalel lived sixty-five years, and became the father of Jared.

5:16 Then Mahalalel lived eight hundred and thirty years after he became the father of Jared, and he had other sons and daughters.

5:17 So all the days of Mahalalel were eight hundred and ninety-five years, and he died.

5:18 ¶ Jared lived one hundred and sixty-two years, and became the father of Enoch.

5:19 Then Jared lived eight hundred years after he became the father of Enoch, and he had other sons and daughters.

5:20 So all the days of Jared were nine hundred and sixty-two years, and he died.

5:21 ¶ Enoch lived sixty-five years, and became the father of Methuselah.

5:22 Then Enoch walked with God three hundred years after he became the father of Methuselah, and he had other sons and daughters.

5:23 So all the days of Enoch were three hundred and sixty-five years.

5:24 Enoch walked with God; and he was not, for God took him.

5:25 ¶ Methuselah lived one hundred and eighty-seven years, and became the father of Lamech.

5:26 Then Methuselah lived seven hundred and eighty-two years after he became the father of Lamech, and he had other sons and daughters.

5:27 So all the days of Methuselah were nine hundred and sixty-nine years, and he died.

5:28 ¶ Lamech lived one hundred and eighty-two years, and became the father of a son.

5:29 Now he called his name Noah, saying, "This one will give us rest from our work and from the toil of our hands arising from the ground which the Lord has cursed."

5:30 Then Lamech lived five hundred and ninety-five years after he became the father of Noah, and he had other sons and daughters.

5:31 So all the days of Lamech were seven hundred and seventy-seven years, and he died.

5:32 ¶ Noah was five hundred years old, and Noah became the father of Shem, Ham, and Japheth.

7:6 ¶ Now Noah was six hundred years old when the flood of water came upon the earth.

7:7 Then Noah and his sons and his wife and his sons' wives with him entered the ark because of the water of the flood.

130 + 105 + 90 + 70 + 65 + 162 + 65 + 187 + 182 + 600 = 1656 years from the “beginning/creation/inception” of Adam to the Great (Wormwood driven) Flood of Noah.

5302 + 1656 =   6958 BC as the “inception” point of Adam… and “Adamic” civilization (2012 baseline assumption).   But remember that Adam lived for 800 years after the birth of Seth which would take Adam forward to the era of Lamech before Adam died.   Noah was born to Lamech after Adam died.

If this Adamic race interpretation of Genesis 5 is the accurate and proper way to look at the bigger picture of Earth’s history - - one that includes the Wormwood brown dwarf star (from Revelation 8) in the grand scheme of Earth’s disrupted past… then a lot of interpretive issues and archeological issues that seem at odds with the Biblical historic accounts are dissolved.  The problems just “go away”.  The Biblical record integrates nicely with real historic and archeological information when all the correct information is in and the timelines are properly harmonized. 

The Wormwood Clock lets us see into Earth’s past civilizations with new eyes.  The diorite stone shaping technology of the builders of Tiwanaku (Puma Punku, Bolivia), the temple and civic complexes of Cusco, Machu Pichu, Sechin, Pachacamac, Quenco, Ollantaytambo, Sacsayhuaman, etc., in Peru, the basalt log buildings of Nan Madol (Pohnpei, Micronesia), the submerged temple (civic) complex at Yonaguni, Japan (under 400 feet of water), the Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza, Egypt as well as the pyramids in Mexico, China, and Bosnia along with the underwater pyramids off the east coast of Florida and the west coast of Cuba - -  all these things make more sense in light of the cyclic civilization destroying effects of the brown dwarf’s perihelion visits. 

In a way, the real wonder that so many ancient civilizations developed to the high level art forms that we see in their now silent stone work.  Our predecessors here on Planet Earth were indeed clever and innovative people.  How did the engineers at Tiwanaku cut those very hard diorite stones with such smooth precision?  How did the engineers cut and polish some of those red granite stones inside the Great Pyramid at Giza?  Their work is accurate to less than .001” across 6 foot spans.  That’s the kind of precision we have on micro flat reference stones in machine shops today.  How did the ancient engineers and technicians do it back then?  Hmmm - -  most intriguing  - -   

Additional questions arise with regard to just how far up the technology ladder ancient Earthlings might have climbed.  Did they fly airplanes?  The models of the Vimana flying machines from Egypt, India and Peru suggest that they did.  Did they use electricity?  Did they do genetic engineering?  Did they build steel and glass sky scraper office buildings?  Did they go to the Moon?  Did they conquer gravity and the physics of time, space and dimensionality?  Did they move out to other star systems and explore the stellar neighborhood?  Just how far up the technology ladder were they able to climb as civilizations before the brown dwarf star came around and laid waste their advancement efforts?  The questions make for some interesting speculation.  But at least we know that the civilization growth process has been going on for quite some time here on Planet Earth.  Hopefully some of our predecessors (Atlantis, Kronos or who ever) were able to advance the development process farther along than we have.  And who knows, maybe some day in eternity future we will get to hear some of their stories first hand.  Wouldn’t that be interesting - -      

Gilbert Eriksen

The following is an excerpt from The Millennium Prophecy

The Marriage Supper of the Lamb


The event timing of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb is one of the surprises that come from interpreting the Revelation in a linear/sequential manner.  It is widely held in evangelical circles that the Marriage Supper of the Lamb is an event that will be held in heaven but actually it is an event that is held here on earth.  Isaiah gives a brief description of the party that Christ has for His Eternal Family on Mt. Zion in Jerusalem some time during the Millennial Kingdom… probably… but not necessarily… in the early years of the Millennial Kingdom after the construction of the new temple and the Royal Residence are complete.


Isaiah 25:6 ¶ And the Lord of hosts will prepare a lavish banquet for all peoples on this mountain; A banquet of aged wine, choice pieces with marrow, And refined, aged wine.

ISA 25:7 And on this mountain He will swallow up the covering which is over all peoples, Even the veil which is stretched over all nations.

ISA 25:8 He will swallow up death for all time, And the Lord God will wipe tears away from all faces, And He will remove the reproach of His people from all the earth; For the Lord has spoken.

ISA 25:9 And it will be said in that day, "Behold, this is our God for whom we have waited that He might save us. This is the Lord for whom we have waited; Let us rejoice and be glad in His salvation."ISA 25:10 For the hand of the Lord will rest on this mountain,


Note the use of the phrase “on this mountain” (Verses 6, 7 & 10).  It may very well be the case that the special blessings referred to here in Isaiah 25 will only apply or occur on Mt. Zion proper.  The unusual things that occur on Mt. Zion during the Millennial reign of Christ may not actually extend to the rest of the world.  This does not mitigate the benefits that would naturally accrue from a general worldwide peace but it also does not necessarily hold from these verses that the unusual demonstrations of God’s power on Mt Zion will automatically extend to the rest of the planet.  It might not be so.  (See Rev 19:7, 8, 9)


MAT 26:29 "But I say to you, I will not drink of this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it new with you in My Father's kingdom." <== in my Father’s Millennial Kingdom


MAT 24:31  "And He will send forth His angels with a great trumpet and they will gather together His elect from the four winds, from one end of the sky to the other. <==


Mark 13:27  "And then He will send forth the angels, and will gather together His elect from the four winds, from the farthest end of the earth to the farthest end of heaven. <== 12 billion, 50 billion or maybe 100 billion light years? 


Just how far away is “from one end of the sky to the other” orthe farthest end of heaven”?  With simple turns of phrase Matthew and Mark hit the sore head of an astronomic nail very squarely on dead center.  The current astronomy paradigm assumes a “Big Bang” universe construction that started roughly 13.7 billion years ago.  But that means that about 12 billion or 12.5 billion light years is supposedly the outer limit of what we can see.  After watching the unfolding of the Hubble Deep Field Image, I sort of wonder about that light year limit. In astronomy the issue is called the “double horizon problem” where that questionable 12.5 billion light year visual limit is found to be presenting itself in every direction we point the big rig telescopes.  In other words, the astronomers can’t seem to find the “edge” of the universe (beyond which there are no more stars to be found/seen) in any direction no matter which way they point their telescopes.  And that 12.5 billion light year limit extending in every direction adds up to a 25 billion light year diameter for the visible universe… which is a problem for the 13.7 billion year Big Bang universe model.  Because of the numerous discrepancies between what is predicted from a Big Bang model and what we keep stumbling into in operating reality, the case is building for a different astronomy paradigm… a steady state universe with a much larger diameter (of unknown limits), driven by and governed by the laws of plasma physics… an electric universe.  But a steady state electric universe has no dimensional constraints… at least not the kind that come from a Big Bang event that supposedly happened only 13.7 billion years ago.  So if the Lord has to send someone to fetch you from a duty assignment that is 50 or 100 billion light years away, don’t get too excited.  You won’t miss the party when it’s party time.  He knows where you are at all times and He knows what you are doing… or are supposed to be doing… at all times.  When it’s your turn to party, the steak and wine will be waiting.


For some reason it bothers people when I mention this, but it might very well be the case that  our Lord has fleets of very fast space craft that He can dispatch to gather His elect from their duty assignments in distant parts of the universe and bring them back to Jerusalem/Mt. Zion whenever He wants to see them or when it is time to party seriously… like it would be during the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.  OK, maybe flying saucers are a bit over the top since Lockheed prefers triangular craft, but what if ?  And what if some of those craft are able to move inter-dimensionally so that time and distance are not barriers or difficulties for them?  What you cannot say is that Christ is not “politically connected”. 



Colossians 1:16 For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens <== and ==>on earth, visible and invisible,<==(trans-dimensional?) whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities-- all things have been created by Him and for Him.

COL 1:17 And He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together. 

COL 1:18 He is also head of the body, the church; and He is the beginning, the first-born from the dead; so that He Himself might come to have first place in everything.


It would stand to reason that if He wanted to bring some of His “friends” from “far away places” to visit His royal residence from time to time… like maybe at His wedding party on Mt. Zion… He might invite some of those “friends” to join in.  And however odd or weird that may sound to you now before you see it happen, do not be all that surprised if the verses from Colossians turn out to be literally true and Christ does indeed have a lot of “friends” in very “high places”… not necessarily just from Planet Earth.  And very likely some of those friends can indeed reach out to the four winds, from the farthest end of the earth to the farthest end of heaven to bring the members of His bridal party back to Mt. Zion in time for the party.   


We have such a limited view of Christ that we think there will be no more surprising events that can happen in our on-going relationship with Him. Remember, eternity lasts a long time.  And that’s how long our relationship with Christ is going to last so limiting God’s options is mistake.  Our limited views might need a little “expansion”.  His reach to the “farthest end of heaven” is not a trivial thing.  If God the Son is living on Mt. Zion, it stands to reason that He will entertain “foreign dignitaries” and members of His Earthly government once in a while.  And some of the “foreign dignitaries” might come from other star systems, other galaxies or maybe from other dimensions.  So do not be surprised if the “chariots” that they use to get to Jerusalem are of a more “advanced design”.   We cannot presume that the advanced civilizations in the universe all run around wearing white robes and sandals with long beards or something.  What if people from more advanced civilizations actually “know how to do things”?  What if Christ’s “favorite ship” is an inter-galactic heavy cruiser?  What if he decides he wants to change into some really comfy blue jeans or Dockers or silk shirts?  What if he likes cowboy boots?  What if He likes to bless newborn babies and play chase with little kids when their moms visit the royal residence compound on baby blessing day?  What if He has a sense of humor and knows thousands of really good jokes?  What if______________? 


The point is that we don’t really know much about the King of the Universe except that He loves us and has our best long term interests at heart.  We don’t really know if He likes steak and eggs for breakfast or if He prefers vegan meals… or if He even eats breakfast.  After the resurrection He didn’t stick around very long to tell us all those little details.  People were having a hard enough time with the concept of His resurrection.  It took a while for that notion to sink in.  If He had to explain lasers, celestial mechanics, blue jeans, trans-dimensionality, plasma physics or galactic battle cruisers, it would have been a lot more difficult for first century believers.  So if we don’t really know all the relevant details about King of Kings, we should be very careful not to put Him into a conceptual box with only a white robe and sandals in it.  The real picture could be a bit more “complex”.  The lessons from the road to Emmaus and the Upper Room demonstrate that the Lord is not bound by the same limitations of time and space that we are.  So it stands to reason that because He sees things differently…  a MUCH LARGER and more EXPANDED view of reality… He is going to know some things and have some interesting friends.  And some of those friends might come from other star systems or other dimensions.  Remember, He’s the King of the Universe not just the King of Planet Earth.  Hmmm… something to think about.   



(From an email exchange with John Moore.  A segment of John’s show with an intriguing question about Wormwood’s mass was forwarded to me by Sheldon Day who used to host The Light of Day radio show on the Internet… included below.)


Some thoughts on the mass issue for Wormwood - - the brown dwarf star that is part of our solar system.  The question of Wormwood’s mass is not a trivial problem and it cuts to the heart of several important issues in astronomy, astro-physics, ancient history, geology, basic preparedness and so on.

 1.)   Since Wormwood (Nibiru, Marduk, Nemesis, Bitterness, Planet X) is “a chip off the old block” of the Sun itself formed by the Z Pinch Effect during the early days of the construction of our solar system, it has to be classified as a “star” and not as a “planet” - -  Planet 10 or Planet X if you will.  Its genesis/formation is from the body materials of the Sun itself and not the “disc” materials from which the planets are constructed.  Although the Coriolis Effect would allow for a good deal of overlap in terms of available materials, the root definition of “star” as the central gravitational mass and the light/heat production body for a solar system extends to the definition of our brown dwarf star as a “star” rather than a “planet” by virtue of its original formation location.  It’s not a “failed star” because it has no fusion reaction.  It’s just a small star that isn’t quite big enough to trigger an arc mode plasma reaction in its atmosphere - -  resulting in a visible “photosphere”.  About 1 out of every 6 stars is a brown dwarf (17%).  Between the red dwarf stars and the brown dwarf stars you are accounting for about 88% of the stars floating around out there in the night time sky.  And their light is so dim (or nonexistent) that you can’t even see them with the naked eye.  What you can see on a clear starry night is the more visible 12% of what’s actually out there.   

2.)   As a “chip off the old block” of the Sun’s own body materials, the Wormwood brown dwarf star would be made from the same materials that our inner solar system is made of and that means that we can look at the Abundance Ratios of the Elements for some guidance as to what the local solar system building materials were when our system was “under construction”.  What you will find is that by far the biggest contributor in terms of mass (weight) turns out to be iron.  That doesn’t mean that there was not some other elements or compounds floating around to build the Sun and the planets with, but that in terms of availability, iron would be the major contributor for the main part of the mass of the body of the Sun as well as the mass of the brown dwarf star.

3.)   Brown dwarf stars come in various sizes but tend to be approximately “Jupiter” sized in terms of diameter.  They can be as small as a Saturn sized diameter but most of them are about Jupiter sized - - roughly.  During the construction of a new star (like our Sun) if the Z Pinch Effect pinches off “a piece of star” (from the new star body being formed) that rounds out to be 1.2 Jupiter diameters or larger, the plasma energy in space will make its atmosphere light up with a dull red glow and you would be looking at a red dwarf star instead of a brown dwarf star.  That means that brown dwarfs come in at 1.1 Jupiter diameters as a max size (upper end) - -  generally speaking.

4.)   If you use the density of iron and the diameter of Jupiter as the rules of thumb for our solar system’s brown dwarf companion star you would get a maximum mass of roughly 7 or 8 Jupiter masses - - comparing density to density.  If our brown dwarf turns out to be 1.1 Jupiter diameters then we are talking about a maximum mass of about 11 Jupiters - -  again, comparing density of Jupiter to the density of iron.  So the diameter constraints of brown dwarf stars (vs. red dwarf stars) plus the density of the available building materials of our early solar system put an upper end limit on our brown dwarf star’s possible mass.  It can weigh in with less mass depending on what other lighter elements and compounds happen to be included in its actual composition but the maximum mass will have an upper end limit based on the Abundance Ratios of the Elements where iron is the keynote speaker.

5.)   Astronomers who are still touting the fusion power theory for stars (the present day astronomy paradigm) will have instant seizures if you hit them with these issues because the current paradigm is deeply ingrained even though there are “difficulties” with it - -  fusion powered stars, fictional dark matter, fictional dark energy, red shift and blue shift on different parts of the same galaxy formations (that cannot be accounted for), the V-Notch energy gradient profile of the Sun, Sun spots, etc.  - -  and the list goes on.  When electric plasma energy is acknowledged as the power system for stars and the hidden forming hand of galaxies a lot of fictional issues in astronomy literally evaporate or are rendered irrelevant.  Eventually the professional astronomy community will graduate from its Newtonian model of galactic operation but for now they hold onto that way of thinking very tightly.  And if you challenge their “fuzzy logic” some of them get very irate and a few may even use foul language in response to the new plasma based modeling.  But that’s just how the scientific process works so you might have to wait a while before they come around.  

6.)   Since iron is doing most of the talking in terms of constructing the bodies of our Sun and the inner planets (out to Jupiter), the magnetic fields for the Sun and the planets make sense.  High iron content also explains why Wormwood is packing such a large gravitational and magnetic wallop as it approaches the ecliptic plane for its next perihelion visit.  With all that spinning mass and a spinning magnetic field oriented at 90 Degrees to the ecliptic plane, Wormwood is VERY upsetting to the solar system whenever when it comes around for another visit.  It’s an equal opportunity abuser of planets.  Astronomer Alex Bouvard noted the off-track position of Uranus way back in 1821.  That was Wormwood’s mass and EM field talking - -  even back then.  Then in 1865 Neptune was discovered.  It turned out that Neptune was also under the perturbing influence of “something heavy”.  Now Pluto is suffering from that same perturbing “influence”.  In fact, Pluto is so off track that there is now no known math formula that can describe its orbit pattern.  Why?  Because Wormwood’s mass and rotating EM field are playing hell with Pluto’s orbit pattern.     

7.)   If we factor in Wormwood’s mass at a maximum of 7X Jupiter’s mass then we are talking about 2228 Earth masses for the brown dwarf.  If it turns out to be 1.1X Jupiter’s diameter, then we are talking about a maximum of 11X Jupiter’s mass (density comparison basis) and that would be 3498 Earth masses.  Add in a massive capacitive charge and a massive EM field and you are talking about some serious destruction when Wormwood is in the ecliptic neighborhood.  It is BIG.  It is HEAVY.  And it is NASTY - -  consistently so.  It is literally the shaping and rearranging tool for the solar system - -  Earth included.  Then add to that Wormwood’s ability to collect methane ice and space junk from the Oort Cloud and the Kuiper Belt and you have the formula for a guaranteed disaster on almost every visit. 

8.)   If anyone is curious whether or not Wormwood is able to help itself to space junk and then sling it around destructively when it is in the ecliptic neighborhood, take a look at the southern side of our Moon - -  available on the Google Earth program.  Compare the pock marked look of the southern side of our Moon to the northern side - -  very different.  Do the same kind of comparison for Mars - -  south pole view vs. north pole view.  It shows a similar pattern.  Wormwood’s destructive powers are not something to sniff at.  In fact, if it were not for the serious gravitational gripping power of the Sun, there would not be much in terms of planets in our solar system.  Wormwood would probably destroy them.  But thankfully, the Sun has the “stronger hand” and is able to keep the solar system functioning even when Wormwood’s bad attitude is in the ecliptic neighborhood. 


 I hope this helps.  Sometimes people do indeed ask the correct question.  It happens.  But the background information that addresses the relevant issues raised by the question is what matters when we formulate our answers.


 Gill Eriksen  


Sound Bite Reference (John Moore’s radio show):

Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2012 11:36 AM
Subject: Radio Caller Asks: "How Large is This Incoming Dwarf Star?"


Someone sent me an audio clip from John Moore's radio program of this morning. A caller asked John about the size of Planet X,

and, he replied with Dr. Robert S. Harrington's quote. Here is Dr. Harrington's statement as documented in the

New York Times article which I sent to :  


  ". . . two to five times more massive than Earth."



However, in that same article, there is another statement:  "More credence was given to the hypothesis that a brown dwarf star accounts for the mysterious force."  (The link to this New York Times article is at the end of this message.)


Despite the late Dr. Harrington's estimate of two to five times Earth's mass, we have an exceedingly greater mass estimate given

in the definition of a brown dwarf star, as defined at :


"They occupy the mass range between that of large gas giant planets and the lowest-mass stars; this upper limit is between 75 and 80 Jupiter masses. Currently there is some debate concerning what criterion to use for defining the separation between a brown dwarf and a giant planet at very low brown dwarf masses (~13  ) . . ."


Furthermore, this MSNBC estimate agrees with wikipedia's:


"Objects above 13 Jupiters (and below the mass needed to ignite nuclear reactions in stars) are considered to be brown dwarfs."  


So, astronomers seem to agree that the puniest brown dwarf star is approximately 13 Jupiter masses (M'j). Now one Jupiter mass is 318 Earth masses (M'e). Multiplying 13 M'j times 318 M'e, then, we determine the mass of the puniest brown dwarf star (assuming that Planet X is as puny as possible) . . . we determine Planet X to be at least equal to 4,134 Earth masses. Now, that mass estimate is so much greater than Dr. Harrington's figure of 3 to 5 Earth masses, that we have to wonder: Was Dr. Harrington trying to minimize public fears over its mass vis-a-vis its close proximity in our Solar System by stating such a ridiculously low mass, knowing that his statement would be publicized? In any event, it does not matter what Dr. Harrington's motive was. All that matters is that all of the best authorities, for the past three decades, have indicated that Planet X is a brown dwarf star, and therefore, we must be prepared to deal with an incoming, gravitationally Sun-drawn object, estimated to be at least 4,134 times the mass of Planet Earth.





Wormwood Search Related Comments for My Friend John


I heard your commentary on Coast to Coast AM that Planet X is coming from the direction of Right Ascension 16 to 18. I hope I'm recalling it correctly. Well, I went to  and looked up that coordinate, and I think I correctly discerned that Scorpius is in that direction. Well, that jibes with Dr. Harrington's 1988 and 1991 published papers, wherein he said that Planet X was likely coming from the direction of Scorpius. Do you concur?


Thanks for your help.  Oh, and why did the Dec. 30, 1983 Washington Post report say that a giant mystery planet had been discovered by the IRAS, and it was coming from the direction of Orion?








Using the physics formula for planetary perturbation, Dr. Harrington was able to determine by way of the deflections in the orbit of Uranus that the source of the gravitational "tug" (invisible pull) was coming from somewhere between RA 14 and RA 21 from the southern side of the ecliptic plane.  His best assessment for a place to start searching for Planet X was to look somewhere in the middle... roughly about Ra 16 and somewhere between -10 degrees to -70 degrees of Declination... ie southern hemisphere stars in the June night time sky... from Scorpius toward the southern hemisphere zenith (the overhead position)... not just in the direction of Scorpius.  Initially, back in 1983, you had to look farther “south” from the ecliptic plane… in/near the constellation Pavo… -70 degrees Declination.  Eventually it will climb up closer to the ecliptic plane and will come up between Sagittarius and Scorpius along RA 18.  But you search along the line of RA 18… up and down… parallax corrected… to find Wormwood.


See the orbit pattern estimates we have posted on the website:


When I looked at the planetary positions for 1983 when NASA was doing its first IRAS work, Uranus and Neptune were both out near RA 18... almost right on top of it (Dec 1983)... the point of maximum orbital deflection... "perturbation".  Since the orbital patterns of Uranus and Neptune are close to perfect planar circles, any deflection/deviation in those near perfect circle orbits is easy to spot if you are a professional astronomer with good telescope equipment.  Alexis Bouvard spotted the problem with the orbit of Uranus in 1821.  His equipment was able to measure accurately down to about one tenth of a degree but Uranus was “off track” (dip in its orbit) by about 1 full degree of error as measured from Earth… ie… 10 X his measureable error.  We have even better equipment now… thousandths of an arc second… very accurate… (good servo motors and digital resolvers)… but Uranus was so far off course that Bouvard could see the problem in 1821. 


It was the deflection in the orbit of Uranus that led to the discovery of Neptune.  But then it turned out that Neptune was also off course when it was on the RA 18 side of the solar system.  The discovery of Pluto didn’t solve the Planet X problem since it has less than 20% of the mass of Earth’s moon… basically just a big ice cube.  So Pluto could not perturb the orbit of a flyspeck much less a gas giant planet like Uranus or Neptune.  It just wasn’t heavy enough.  Also, Pluto was in the wrong position to do the perturbing anyway… back in 1983.  It’s closer to the correct position now in 2010 but it’s a little late to make a difference… too little… to late… wrong position… and not heavy enough.  In fact Pluto isn’t even rated as a planet any more except in the State of New Mexico.  It’s now listed as “Trans-Neptunian Object”… like Sedna, Edna, Fredna and Xena… and whatever else they find out there beyond the orbit of Neptune.  OK, there might not be any Edna or Fredna… at least not right now… but you never know.  See the TNO list… .


Using the spatial plane of the inclination of the Earth as an additional indicator... one of Wormwood's "fingerprints"... it looked to me like RA 18 was probably about the best place to start the search.  It was inside the search zone (sky section) where Dr. Harrington said to look... almost in the middle of it... and the other indicators (including the tilt of the Earth’s axis) seemed to be pointing toward that direction as well.  So Right Ascension 18 in the southern skies was my best guestimated direction to search for Wormwood.  I had some professional physics people look over my conceptual work about the Wormwood science and the physics of destruction and my analytic approach made sense to them.  Then I went on the air with George Noory to sound the alarm and try to get some clarity about Wormwood, Planet X and coming Revelation judgments.  I’m just glad that George Noory was willing to listen and let the public know that something destructive was coming.  He deserves a lot of credit for making that possible.  He didn’t have to listen to somebody like me… but he did.  Together we made some radio history.  And now the Coast to Coast listeners have a better idea of what’s going on with Wormwood.


NASA knew where to go looking for Planet X.  In fact they knew where to go looking before anybody else.  They already had a preliminary “heads up” in 1982 complements of the Pioneer 10 and the Pioneer 11 satellites.  Also, they had the same physics formula for planetary perturbation that Dr. Harrington had... two body (and three body) orbital mechanics.  When the IRAS was up and operational both Uranus and Neptune were maximally perturbed (toward the south side of the ecliptic plane.. and toward each other) so there is little doubt in my mind that the NASA boys knew where to go looking for the Sun's brown dwarf little sister star... RA 18 (+/-)... south side of the ecliptic plane.  In other words, both Neptune and Uranus were pointing at Wormwood with their perturbed orbit patterns… and NASA knew it.  NASA may have been deceptive but they were not stupid.  The NASA boys were rocket scientists so they knew what they were doing. 


Dr. Harrington's paper was first published in 1988 and then again in 1991 but he had been working on the Planet X problem for 12 years (since the mid 1970’s) before the summary of his findings was published the first time in 1988.  During that 12 years he did 330,000+ computer simulation runs and the results kept pointing with 5:1 odds toward RA 16 (+/-) south of the ecliptic plane.  You need 32 samples to begin to make good predictions statistically.  Once you have 52 samples you can make predictions approaching 98% accuracy.  Since Dr. Harrington worked for the US Naval Observatory, it is highly likely that other people besides Tom Van Flandern knew about Dr. Harrington's work... as that work progressed.  The professional astronomy community is not that large and the US portion of it is even smaller.  So...  Could the word of Dr. Harrington’s efforts have leaked out?  Yes.  That was possible.  Was it absolutely necessary?  No.  NASA could have figured it out all on their own.  They had the moxie.  They had access to large amounts of money.  Also they could design and pay for any equipment they needed.


Was there any chance that NASA would have been able to assemble the information and maybe/probably some early suggestions from Dr. Harrington and then they would know where to go looking for Wormwood with their new (1983 model) IRAS eyes?  Answer: Yes.  Besides, the Pioneer satellites (10 & 11) had already given them a preliminary direction/location of where to look (probably near the constellation Pavo in 1983)… although with much less optical resolution.  Again, NASA may have been deceptive but they were not stupid.  They knew what they were doing.  


Another little detail...


The article in the New York Times (January, 1983) with Dr. Anderson’s comments at the beginning of the year had a very different slant than the Washington Post article at the end of the year with the JPL comments.  Dr. Anderson talks about the probability of finding a brown dwarf with the IRAS in the New York Times article.  Brown dwarf star/stars are not mentioned in the JPL comments in the Washington Post article.  Should we ask why?  


Mystery Heavenly Body Discovered;  Possibly as Large as Jupiter

Friday, December 30, 1983 ; Page A1

By Thomas O'Toole, Washington Post Staff Writer


So what happened during 1983 while the IRAS was up there looking around RA 18 in the southern celestial skies with their new high performance infrared eyes?  Answer: NASA saw something.  It might not have been what they wanted to see but they saw something and it was probably along RA 18 (+/-) deep in the sky south of the ecliptic plane... in the direction where Dr. Harrington’s published work would eventually say we had to go look if we really wanted to find Planet X.   So what did NASA see?  What was it that scared them so much?  Answer: Wormwood... the Sun’s brown dwarf little sister… headed toward the ecliptic plane… and planet Earth… NOT good news.


Remember, 83% of the stars in our galactic neighborhood are BINARIES… repeat… BINARIES.  They are binary stars… paired twins.  It’s just how stars are formed… in pairs.  And if they are not visible spectrum binary stars, then the less visible companion star will be a red dwarf or a brown dwarf.  Flip that 83% number back in the reverse direction and you would have to say that the odds are 83% that our Sun is also a binary star.  Why?  Because that’s just the way it is.  Stars come in pairs… most of the time… well… 83% of the time.  Some day it might be close to 100% of the time but for now it’s about 83% of the time.  But if our Sun’s binary companion is not a visible star… and we would certainly have been able to see the Sun’s visible twin (if it had one) with just normal telescope equipment… then it would have to be a red dwarf or a brown dwarf.  If it’s a brown dwarf, then it only gives off a heat signature so you have to search for it with infrared equipment. 


Well, NASA already knew that in 1982 when they started construction on the IRAS.  If there was a brown dwarf companion star for our Sun, then the IRAS would be able to see it… with high quality Helium chilled infrared eyes.  And it didn’t take them very long either.  Why?  They knew where to look.  Uranus and Neptune were pointing in the correct direction in 1983 with their orbital deflections.  And the Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 satellites had given NASA a preliminary “heads up” for proper direction out along RA 18.  So that’s where NASA went looking with their new IRAS eyes.  And with liquid Helium doing the chilling, the IRAS would see anything north of .25 Kelvin… one quarter of one degree above absolute zero.  There was NO PART of the infrared spectrum that the IRAS could not see.  Near infrared… far infrared… it could literally “see it all”.  It could see all the visible stars too since they all give off heat as well as visible light.  So the IRAS could see everything… visible stars… red dwarfs… brown dwarfs… it didn’t matter.  If it was there, the IRAS eyes could see it.  NASA knew what they were doing, they knew where to go looking and they had the money to get it done… which they did… with the right kind of infrared stuff (IRAS)… pointed in the correct direction… toward RA 18.


So why did NASA lie?  Why would they tell the public to go look at RA 6 near Orion when the planets were being perturbed out in the RA 18 neighborhood... ie... on the opposite side of the solar system?  Answer:  Because they were scared and they were funded by the government… well… taxpayers actually.  If you were part of an “old boy” government/military organization (like NASA) with numerous political, occult, Nazi and other types of back door “connections”… and your paycheck was subject to political "recall"… what would you do if you found an incoming brown dwarf star that was companion to our Sun and you knew destruction was coming inbound with it?  And how would you react if you knew ahead of time that there was nothing that you could do about it?  We can probably bet that there were some very "intense" discussions about what to do and what to say.  So after all the back room discussions, NASA chose to lie to the public.  They wanted to keep a lid on the Wormwood problem as long as possible so that public order could be maintained… as long as possible… if possible.  Eventually Wormwood could not be hidden.  NASA knew that.  It was too big and too destructive.  According to The Revelation it would bring major destruction when it got here.  The Kolbrin (aka… Kolbrin Bible) says that Wormwood will take up 20% of your field of vision in the night time sky when it gets in close enough.  That’s BIG.  How will the governments of the world hide Wormwood then?  Answer: They won’t.  The political elites will go crawl into their underground bunker complexes (paid for by tax payers) and hope for the best.  So NASA chose to lie and keep the lid on the Wormwood thing as long as possible. 


JPL was given the task of releasing the DISinformation to the public.  The IRAs was their project so they drew the short straw.  They probably were not too happy about having to lie to the public because the absurdity of some of the statements given by Dr. Neugebauer and Dr. John Houck were EXTREME.  They commented that the “thing” they had found out near Orion might even be a dust shrouded prototype galaxy.  That’s right… a GALAXY.  And the staff writer (Thomas O’Toole) did not flinch or question them (at least in print)... which was the ULTIMATE question… Why not?  How was it possible for a galaxy to be part of our solar system and to orbit our yellow dwarf star… the Sun?  Answer: Galaxies DON'T orbit small Suns.  Suns (stars) orbit around in galaxies but NOT vice versa.  But if NASA and government goons were holding guns to their heads, their response was understandable... tell the lie you were ordered to tell (paid to tell)… which they did… but slip in some really STUPID/ABSURD comment and hope somebody somewhere (sooner or later) was doing a little bit of analytical thinking.  It turned out to be later but I think we now have a reasonable picture of what happened and why the lies and deception were given to the public.  Wormwood (Planet X) was coming.  With their new IRAS eyes they could see it and track its progress.  It would bring major destruction with it when it got here… Revelation Chapter 8 and Chapter 16.  And there was nothing that anybody on planet Earth could do to stop it.  We were all going to be in for a very rough ride.  So NASA lied.  Well… technically… it was JPL that lied.  But NASA and JPL work together so as far as I’m concerned they were both guilty.  They used taxpayer money to find Wormwood and start tracking it.  Then they kept the information to themselves and misdirected the public.  I would call that fraud and deceit.  They violated the public trust.


And if anyone wants to see more Wormwood “finger prints” pull up Google Earth and look at the southern hemisphere of our moon.  You will notice right away that the southern side of our moon is extremely pock marked from all the meteorite impacts.  That’s a signature Wormwood activity… gather up the space junk and throw it around when it gets up close and personal with the ecliptic plane.  But Wormwood is not limited to beating up our moon.  Take a look at Google’s images of Mars.  Again, look at the southern hemisphere images of Mars.  And you will see the same kinds of really messy pock marking from all the meteorite impacts on Mars.  Wormwood really beats up on Mars when it’s in the neighborhood.  There are places here on planet Earth that also have a lot of pock marking.  Check out the coastal plains of the eastern seaboard of the United States.  If you study the Google Earth images at a reasonable altitude setting you can find pock marks from meteorite impacts all over the place.  And the US is not necessarily the best place to go looking.   There are other places here on Earth as well.  The point is that Wormwood throws a lot of meteorite type materials around when it get in close to the planets in its perihelion maneuver.  Earth is just one of the places to get hit.  But Earth is not the only place that gets hit.  Wormwood is an “equal opportunity abuser” when it’s in the neighborhood.  It throws its weight around.  It throws its EM charges around.  It throws gravitational stresses around.  And it throws space junk around.


So… that’s my best approximation of why we should look up and down RA 18… the June stars… in the southern hemisphere sky.  I think that’s where we are going to find Wormwood if we have enough people looking in that general direction with the right kind of infrared equipment.


I should probably mention that if Wormwood is still coming inbound… like I think it is… then we can expect more frequent and more destructive earthquakes, tsunami events and bizarre weather patterns to continue as well.  It won’t get better except for occasional lulls and then another quake will hit.  Wormwood will continue to pull on all the planets in the solar system… Earth included.  But where earthquakes are concerned, we only worry about planet Earth since that’s where we live.  When coastal areas like Chile are hit, then we can expect tsunami activity as well.  So Sumatra, Samoa, Italy, the Philippines, Haiti, Chile, Okinawa and Japan are not the end of it.  There will be more to come.  The Lord Jesus said there would be earthquakes in various (diverse) places and that’s what seems to be unfolding in real time… exactly like He said it would.


Matthew 24:7 "For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes.

Mark 13:8 "For nation will arise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; there will be earthquakes in various places; there will also be famines. These things are merely the beginning of birth pangs.

Luke 21:11 and there will be great earthquakes, and in various places plagues and famines; and there will be terrors and great signs from heaven.


I hope that helps you understand my approach a little bit better.




Gill Eriksen