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It would be socially and politically convenient if the news I had to share was good news that would make people happy.  Such is not the case.  The Millennium Prophecy is a commentary on The Revelation. Together the two books enumerate and explain the destructive events that are about to happen here on Planet Earth and the approximate order in which they will arrive to become part of Earth history.  The Revelation paints a picture of successive sets of cataclysmic judgments that are not good news. The Millennium Prophecy explains the driver mechanism that brings about The Revelation judgments, the event order and why they have to happen.

Some extremely difficult events are about to descend on our world.  Starting in 2012 (best current estimate) one-third of the Earth will be incinerated as fire rains down from the sky.  An asteroid will impact one of the major oceans destroying many ships and harbor facilities.  Meteorites and chemical dust will poison large land surface areas with alkaline chemicals so that the run off water supplies from rivers and streams will become unfit to drink.  Later on a new species of insect will cover the Earth stinging people with a painful bite and infecting them with viruses that make them very sick for months.  Then a major war will erupt in the Orient killing off one-third of the Earth's remaining population.  Then the governments of the world will begin systematically murdering their own citizens as the New World Order consolidates its satanic grip on the populations of the world. 

A second set of nasty physical changes will begin to impact the earth in about the 2015 / 2016 time frame (best current estimate). It will start with a world wide outbreak of cancer. Then massive tonnages of iron oxide and raunchy chemicals will rain down from the sky staining oceans, the rivers and the lakes a rusty red color accompanied by a rotten stench. The Sun will blast the Earth with powerful CME energy bringing intense heat and shrouding the entire planet in a dark and steamy cloud cover. Finally an extremely powerful world wide earthquake will alter the positions and some of the elevations of the tectonic plates transforming the surface geography of the Earth so that maps and globes will have to be revised. Billions of people will die as these events unfold. During the seven year "transition period" Planet Earth will become the kind of place where no one in his right mind would want to live. 

Finally, after seven years of massive disruption, it all ends for the current political power structure with the return of Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.  After He arrives He will clean out the remaining survivors who are not fit to live in His kingdom and then He will rule the world as the Absolute Monarch of Planet Earth. Political and financial corruption will end and He will impose world wide peace.  If there is any good news after all of the physical destruction, then His return is probably about it. The corrupt governing structure we live under now will not go quietly into the night but ultimately it will go.

There is an old Chinese curse that applies to the "end times" in which we are now living and the coming tribulation events.  They used to say, "May you live in interesting times."  That is a pretty good description of the coming situation.  The times will be rough.  They will be very destructive.  The majority of Earth's human population will not survive.  Thereafter civilization on Earth will completely change direction.  But the times will be "interesting"- if you don't mind dying.  The Prince of Peace will win at the end of it all but the transition will be a bad time for the people of Planet Earth with less than a billion people left to restart civilization.

The book, The Millennium Prophecy, and this website show you how the Revelation judgments will unfold.  It would be to your distinct advantage to study both of them.  Unless you are prepared in advance, your odds of survival are not very good.  My hope is that there will be enough people interested in long term survival who will take this prophecy and science information to heart thereby increasing their chances of survival by proper preparation.  And on a personal note, if this prophetic interpretive effort helps any of you to escape physical or spiritual destruction, then I hope to see you on the other side.  Many of you will have amazing stories to tell.  I'd like to hear them.

Gilbert Eriksen



March 19, 2011