The Millennium Prophecy


666 The Mark of The Beast

REV 13:16 And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead,

REV 13:17 and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.

REV 13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six.

Here we see the plan to force a worldwide ID system on the general population.  This ID system will be a UPC bar code and number for people just like the UPC codes for all the different products at any retail store that can be scanned by the laser scanners at the checkout counters.  When you look closely at any UPC/retail bar code you will find that it begins with two thin parallel lines that are slightly longer than most of the lines in the bar code section…. the guard bars.  Then there are two more elongated thin lines in the middle and two more thin lines at the end… three bar code 6’s… 666.  Some of the UPC codes show the 6’s at the bottom with the other numbers.  Some of the UPC numbers eliminate one or more of the three sixes.  The laser readers cannot read the digits anyway but they can read the parallel bar codes with the white spaces in between and the three 6’s are always there in bar code form to divide the number field into two number sets. 

The tattooed bar codes and numbers for people might be invisible or barely readable in daylight but will definitely show up when the laser scanners look for them on hands or foreheads of the people who accept the Beast’s ID system.  Does that mean that the UPC codes on the products on the store shelves are the “Mark of the Beast”?  No.  They are UPC codes that make check out and inventory control easier.  Then when would they become the “mark of the Beast” as per verse 18 above?  Answer:  When soldiers with guns insist that one of them has to be tattooed on your body (right hand or forehead) and that if you do not allow them to put the tattoo marks on you, you will be killed.  That’s when you have the “mark of the Beast”. 


In theory this code based tracking of people makes a certain amount of sense because credit cards can be lost or stolen whereas tattooed ID numbers on people’s hands are a little harder to steal… at least in theory.  In practice, all a thief would need would be a gun and a meat cleaver or a laser scanner of his own… a merchant account… or a job at any computer that handles VISA or Master Card accounts and he could access the personal UPC numbers very easily.  Stupid governments around the world will cooperate with this New World Order ID marking effort because in theory it gives them a chance to get ultimate financial control of their own citizens for tax and tracking purposes… especially so since so many Christians have recently disappeared from planet Earth and a lot of people will have died in the Wormwood related judgments (Rev 8) and the war in the Orient (Rev 9)… so they will want to know who is left.  In less developed areas, instead of giving UPC account numbers to people, they could easily just tattoo the name of the Beast as a general commercial permit to buy and sell in the open market places… where the laser scanner technology is not generally used.

In the end, commerce and banking are not the real hidden reason for imposing this tattoo ID system on Earth’s people.  The tattoo Mark of the Beast is how the False Prophet forces people to be identified with the Beast and his temporary financial-spiritual system in opposition to God the Father (Rev 14:9 – 11).  It is really how the Beast makes a claim over the soul of the person receiving the mark.  The mark of the Beast is a claim of beastly “spiritual ownership” (spiritual legal rights/authority) over the person receiving the mark.  And the biggest con of all is the fact that the only thing being offered in exchange for the person’s soul (a guaranteed ticket to hell and eternal forfeit of any relationship with God the Father) is the right to go shopping for the next 3 years.  No discounts.  No 10% off.  No free insurance. No extra goodies or benefits of any kind.  Just the right to go shopping for 3 years.  And the person has to provide all their own money (electronic transfers or cash).  And they can never have any relationship with God the Father… for all of eternity (Rev 14:11).  The penalty for refusing the mark will be death.  On the opposite side, God offers eternal life, relationship with Himself… the Designer and Builder of the entire Universe… a dwelling place in the New Jerusalem, and… just for fun… 1000 years of healthy life right here on Earth as an administrator in Christ’s millennial kingdom… ie… a position of real respect and honor.  And the person refusing the mark gets to collect on that position of real honor 3½ years later (2016) when Christ returns and sets up His kingdom here on Earth.  So if you take the temporary biological death sentence, 3 years later you get to come right back… with a brand new body… and live a life of honor and respect for 1000 years.  Then you get to collect all the eternal reward goodies in the New Jerusalem after that.  So when you compare the 3 years of shopping… on your own nickel… with HELL to pay vs. 1000 years of righteous respect and a family relationship with the Designer of the Universe… for all of eternity future… which offer is the better deal?  And yes, you will be able to go shopping during those 1000 years here on Earth… if you want to.  And don’t forget that new body with a full head of hair thrown in for free (Luke 21:18).  You will not have to live for 1000 years in that tired worn out ugly one you’ve got now.  Think about it… 3 years plus hell vs. 1000 years plus heaven… for eternity.  Yes, you will be able to go shopping in eternity… if you want to… but remember: there are no department stores in hell… none… just flames and pain.  So if you really like to go shopping, you probably would not want to go there.

Do NOT receive the tattoo ID marks on your right hand or on your forehead.  If you do, you will be receiving marks of “satanic spiritual ownership” and you can never be reconciled to a valid relationship with God the Father.  Your membership in God’s Eternal Family will be forbidden to you for eternity.  Three years of shopping in exchange for your soul is a bad deal especially when God offers you 1000 years of shopping, eternal membership in His personal Royal Family and the privileges that go along with that enhanced status.  Satan knows that he is cheating you.  The Beast knows that he is cheating you.  What do you do?  Answer:  Take the blade or the bullet but do NOT take those tattoo ID marks.  Three years of shopping in exchange for eternal damnation is a BAD DEAL.  Don’t do it!